Since Alfred 2.0 came out, I've set up a few custom workflows. More info. can be found in the relevant posts in the Alfred forums.

Toggle Safari Extensions

Turns Safari Extensions on or off, using Applescript UI scripting (so the Safari Preferences window pops up briefly).

Toggle Mail view

Toggles the view mode in OS X mail - between the "Classic" view and the new view introduced with OS X Lion

Case Converter

This workflow converts the case of the text on the clipboard.

Current description can be found at Case Converter (including Title Case) on the Alfred forums.

If you manage academic citations with BibDesk, Zotero, Papers, Mendeley, etc., Title Case conversion is especially useful for cleaning up downloaded citations.

Delete cookies for specific site on Safari

Uses UI Applescript to automate the process of deleting cookies - pauses to allow the user to enter a site. Written specifically to deal with annoying cookie behavior on, which hosts all the American Anthropological Association's journals.

View Calendar on date with view

Another Applescript-based workflow for use with iCal/Calendar. It defaults to M/D/YYYY date format but comments in the script explain how to modify for D/M/YYYY

Years are optional.

Follow the date with d m or w to change the view.

It also recognizes "today"


cal 3/5 - opens Calendar to March 5 of the current year in the last opened view
cal 10/15/2013 - opens Calendar to October 15, 2013 in the last opened view
cal 8/8 d - opens Calendar to August 8 of the current year in day view
cal 8/8 m - opens Calendar to August 8 of the current year in month view
cal 8/8/2014 w - opens Calendar to August 8 of 2014 in week view
cal today w - opens Calendar to the current date in week view.

Save current Keynote document as PDF

A workflow that uses Applescript UI scripting to save the currently open Keynote document as a PDF. It uses the print dialog rather than the Export... menu item to give more flexibility in the layout etc. I've tried to comment the script so that the selections can be easily customized. It stops once the Save... dialog is open, so you can change the filename before saving if desired. Written because of the annoyance of converting my slides to PDF for upload after every class.


A contact action that calls Google Maps for directions from a fixed address to the contact's address.


Map two addresses on Rome2Rio.